smartwatches have become a fashion now as buyers, as well as manufactures, are throwing money. Perfect smartwatches do not exit but smartwatch that fulfils your all the requirements is always there. we are here to suggest best cheap smartwatches for men india 2020 . I worked to bring you the smartwatch list.sit back and read until u find the best cheap smartwatches for men india 2020.

1.Realme Band (Black)

  • Large Color Display
  • One of the Top 5 best cheap smartwatches for men India 2020
  •  Single Touch Button 
  • Install Any app as you like through google play store
  • Battery life up to 10 days
  • Accurately monitor your heart rate in real-time 
  • 9 Sport Modes
  • Get instant notifications about Calls, SMS, WhatsApp, YouTube, Gmail, Instagram and much more, on your smartwatch

2. Huami Amazfit Bip S Smart Watch

  • One of the Top 5 best cheap smartwatches for men India 2020
  • Built-in GPS + GLONASS

3.Huami Amazfit T-Rex Smart Watch

  • 12 Military band
  • 20-day Battery Life
  • AMOLED Display 
  • One of the Top 5 best cheap smartwatches for men India 2020
  •  Excellent GPS Performance
  • Skin-friendly comfort band and it keep it dry
  • notification of the phone is shown on a smartwatch
  • 14 Sports Modes
  • monitor your tracking distance, sleeping time etc
  •  Water Resistance
  • 30 Watch Faces and Music Control

4.HUAWEI Band 4

  • smart message notification
  • One of the Top 5 best cheap smartwatches for men India 2020
  • various watch interface like sports, cartoon, hi-tech etc
  • USB charging port 
  •  6 days of battery life
  •  helps you to detect the level of oxygen in the blood.
  • heart rate monitoring with accuracy
  • HUAWEI TruSleep 2.0 tracks your heart rate while you are sleeping and it also monitors your sleep quality
  • Notifications will show on this smartwatch of any messages or phone calls, all with a touch of your finger to your wristwatch

5.Cabeza WE03 116 Smart Band Fitness Tracker

  • All-in-one Smart Watch Fitness Tracker
  • One of the Top 5 best cheap smartwatches for men India 2020
  • Personal Health Tracker
  •  Waterproof Wrist Watch
  •  Mobile notifications are shown on your smartwatch
  •  music control features, music play, pause and click photos through your smartwatch

                                      Buying Guide


Smartwatch needs nowadays, the trends since 2012. I have mentioned the best smartwatches for men India 2020. the trend today is different brands are in this race like Samsung, mi, Huawei etc.smartwatches has become the most popular wearing industry. 

 Features of a Smartwatch

The smartwatch industry is most rapidly increasing industry. The above mentioned best cheap smartwatches for men india 2020 has New features are added at a fast pace.

A typical smartwatch has the following features;

  • smartwatches display the speed, notification and other features.
  • sensor tracking through smartwatch
  • NFC chip support on your smartwatch
  • WiFi, Bluetooth built-in your smartwatch
  • Microphone for accessing voice command.
  • loudspeaker comes with smartwatch and plays music.
  •  smartwatch helps cellular connectivity for calls and internet-related functions.

Are smartwatches worth buying?

a) A smartwatch is just a watch. And a regular watch lasts long more than a smartwatch.

b) I using prefer more on my phone for any notification because phone shows complete details – I should disable notification on my smartwatch to get more battery life.

 This fancy new gadget offers us immediate notifications without having to look at my phone.

I was able to :

  1. Read emails.
  2. Attend calls.
  3. Navigate through Google Maps.
  4. Change songs through touch buttons on Spotify / SoundCloud.
  5. Add reminders and use Google Now in general.
  6. Reply to Skype / WhatsApp messages.
  7. I was even able to opt from a slew of watch faces which was super-cool!

Why should I buy a smartwatch?

There are 11 reasons to buy a smartwatch. As they are-

1. Notifications

Notification is the most important thing that we why buy the smartwatch. the ease of getting notified your removing phone from our pocket is invaluable. It simplifies your work and saves your time as time is a precious thing.

2. Social etiquette

Checking your phone can be a tough task. get social etiquette on your wristwatch easily.

3. Internet of Things

I can control the music volume and can change the song through my smartwatch itself easily. Again, it easier and simpler than protecting your phone, and the Internet of Things and ‘Smart Home’ technology is now expanding very fastly.

4. Travel

 Apple Watch is used to get pass through airport security by just displaying the user boarding pass on screen. Anything that the airport security simpler is not a bad thing.

5. Answering calls

Various smartwatches have a different style of answering calls. Most smartwatches have a conversation directly answer the calls directly by a smartwatch, no need to use the phone like apple, Huawei etc.but it is just for a quick conversation when You are unable to get your phone.

In starting 2014 , the smartwatch has to answer featuring but you cant conversation through your have used your phone.

6. Fitness

I have fit band, I used for several weeks and I have forgotten about it. The problem with a fitness band that It only measure distance, step counting. most smartwatches are capable enough of many features like step counting, and most will run fitness apps , and many features of smartwatch hook the user to it, that engage the user to it. 

7. Music

when you are walking around the town and listening to the music with your phone If a song comes which don’t want to listen and simply click next on your smartwatch. You can adjust the volume and pause-play the music.

8. Battery life

The bigger screen size , less battery life.but the most important thing is battery life.A/T your need get a normal screen size smartwatch.

9. Customization

being able to change your watch face is surprising fun, On Saturday I change my watch face into a mickey mouse interface, but on Monday it is an office meeting day , so I convert into a professional watch face,

10. Security

Ever found that you are in a dark night and your smartwatch of 10,000 RUPEE is lost. Don’t worry , You can find your phone by tracking it. 

11. Navigation

And on navigation on an unknown city where can find direction on your smartwatch. Direction are send to your smartwatch through your phone and simply come to know from where to take a turn.

Walking on the street by watching directions on the phone will decrease the battery and chance of colliding with an unknown person which is a danger to us.

The main THING that all thing about the phone is done by a smartwatch, which is true, but they can never replace your phone. But smartwatch makes your life a little bit easier.

Which is the best smartwatch under Rs? 5,000?

If you are looking for a budget smartwatch in then you might wanna checkout Huami Amazfit T-Rex Smart Watch. I have been using for a period of time.

Here’s my feedback on the product –


Bigger screen engages me a lot .most of the work is done by a smartwatch, no need to remove the phone from your pocket. It has also many watch faces , which I liked the most.

Health Feature

It comes with many health features like Pedometer, Heart Rate Monitor, Blood Pressure Monitor, Blood Oxygen & Sleep monitor, It comes separate training mode which tells us how much calorie is burnt , steep tracking etc.


Once it was charged 6 days long run.

Waterproof Feature

It is waterproof with a little splash of water , there will be no effect on it.but more 4 feet in underwater , the problem may occur.

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