As the name says Earbuds is wireless earphone, used to listen audio. Apple Airpod leads this market but everybody can’t afford it So these are our 5 recommendations on best true wireless earphones in India 2020.

The first thing you notice about these earphones is the exquisite finish of the charging cover that houses the earphones when they aren’t in use. The cover is the classic dark grey Technics shine with a smart brushed texture on the lid, and a glossy matt finish everywhere else. The Technics logo is strongly corroded into the lid and the whole feel is of something classy and understated. The lid opens by an emphatic spring device to reveal the two earbuds nestling inside the case.

Take a look at our best true wireless earphones in India 2020 recommendation below and buying guide .

  • It has R1 chip for fast connectivity, type C with mic. For gamers, it can provide super-low latency.
  • 1.5 hours required to fully charge and it can also support wireless charging.
  • best true wireless earphones in India 2020 with 17 hours of total playback (3 hours on the earbuds & 14 hours on the charging case).
  • 1 Lithium Polymer batteries needed.
  • best earbud in India 2020.

2.boAt Airdopes.



3.Redmi Earbuds S.

  • With a single charge, it can last up to 4 hours and a total of 12 hours with the charging case.
  • It has the power to provide low latency to 122ms which makes amazing gaming experience.
  • Stop picking up the phone regularly, make a command to your voice assistants Alexa, google assistant etc.
  • best true wireless earphones in India 2020 under 4000.

4.pTron Bassbuds.

  • For connectivity Bluetooth 5.0 is provided that provides a best and fast connection.
  • It has a good 10 metres wireless range.
  • Playback time is 6 hours and 20 hours with the charging cases.
  • Multi-function button is provided on the earbud to enjoy the hand-free music experience.
  • best earbuds in 2020 under 4000.

5.Philips UpBeat.

  • Playtime is 3 hours and 9 hours with the charging case.
  • best buy true wireless earbuds.
  • Comes with the Mono mode and has a built-in mic with echo cancellation.
  • best cheap wireless earphones in India.

Buying Guide

Truly wireless stereo(TWS) commonly known as earbuds becomes very popular in these days after Apple launch their AirPods in 2019, so every company started making TWS.

TWS deserve that much attention because all that wired earphone tangled messy cables cluttering your area, it is very difficult to unwind this and sometimes it will end up breaking the earphones.

Earbuds truly save us from the headache of wired earphone, it is portable. It looks so cool and trendy.

Easy to use, unlike those tangled earphones which firstly we have to unwind them it takes a lot of time.

It is good that we have so much variety and we all know variety bring confusion so we do not want you to buy something that you regret after.

Here is the buying guide of best true wireless earphones in India 2020.


Well, connectivity is the thing that we should not compromise with.

An ideal earbud should have Bluetooth connectivity 5.0 or greater.

Lower Bluetooth versions decrease the audio quality which is not good.


We used to walk around in our home and listen to music so the range should be 7-10 metres for the best audio experience.


A most important part of the earbuds is to provide the best comfort to you. If you are using earbuds for running, sports etc you should check it must have a rubber tip.


Some earbuds have buttons on it to control and some have gestures.

Gestures control earbud is very good as compared to buttons.


Earbuds are wastage if its battery is not good, our recommendation is you should purchase earbuds which have the battery 15+hours

15 hours at least.

6.Audio Codec.

An Audio Codec is a program implementing an algorithm that first compresses and then decompresses digital sound data.

It affects a person’s listening experience.

Some of the good codecs are given below:


The aptX codec is an amazing technology that first compresses and then decompresses audio as it move from a source device like a smartphone, to a receiving device like a wireless speaker, in such a way that it can be transmitted over Bluetooth without damaging the sound quality.


The aptXHD is an enhanced version of aptX codec that can support 24-bit audio quality over Bluetooth and has been built to improve the signal-to-noise ratio which helps in reduce lower background noise.


Question: What if the earbuds fall down and lost?

Answer: Most Earbuds have rubber tips, and we recommended you to use our best true wireless earphones in India 2020 and it comes with a beautiful case that will secure your earbuds.

Question: One major factor to keep in mind when buying the best true wireless earphones in India 2020?

Answer: When you are buying best true wireless earphones in India 2020 you should check the comfort of the earbuds and all best earbuds given above all are really comfortable for your ears. So make a smart choice and buy our recommended best true wireless earphones in India 2020.

Question: What is the average lifetime for a set of earbuds?

Answer: the average lifetime of a Bluetooth earphone is depended on how much you use. but generally, the lifespan is about 6 months.

Question: What will more likely damage your hearing: earbuds or in-ear earphones?

Answer: Earphones are not very good for our ear as well as it damages our eardrums which will soon suffer from hearing I generally prefer u to use a headphone because it is distant from the ear and safe for our ear.they are open in-ear too. And remember that it is bad exposure instead of headphones the thing that matters.


Question: Which truly wireless earphones gives the best sound quality?

Answer: this is very much difficult to answer which wireless earbud has the best sound quality. It also dependents on the amplifier powering of a wireless earbud. If the amplifier has a large amount of total harmonic distortion, then it may affect the sound quality the most.

I advise you to buy several earbuds and use them on a single device and same level. Choosing earbuds in this fashion world will enable you to make a better choice.

Question: Question: What are the best Active noise cancelling wireless earphones?

Answer: Wearing noise-cancelling earbuds while you travel on the plane can make a lot of difference. you can feel a high-quality sound without any external noisy sound and this gives a  pleasurable listening experience as compared to traditional ear headphones or earbuds.

 Here are our top picks for the best noise-cancelling earbuds of 2020 which stand out for their superior noise-cancelling effect and superior comfort, while delivering stellar audio performance. While it is not uncommon to find noise-cancelling headphones, it is difficult to find noise cancelling earbuds that do the job equally if not better than over the ear headphones.

Question: How do wireless Earphones/headphones work?

Answer: Wireless headphones or earphones work by transmitting audio signals through either radio or IR (infrared) signals, depending on the device.Products with Bluetooth connectivity has a very small chip inside that it contains Bluetooth radio and software which has the job of connecting different available devices.

 When Bluetooth devices are in close to each other, they pair. It is a useful technology for pairing different devices and listening to music at any time, everywhere, and without wire, you can plug and listen while running, travelling etc.

You might be wondering how the heck a sound is transmitted from Phone to Bluetooth headphone/earphones and the answer is via codec. We explain about codec, types of codecs, which codec is good and many more things above you can check it out.
You can go through our selected best true wireless earphones in India 2020 above.

Question: Why do people like wireless earbuds more than wired when wireless earbuds?

Answer: People like wireless earbuds or headphones because they are more practical. You gain more time to actually listen to music instead of unwinding the wires, there is a headache to deal with tangled messy cables.
You must have had some cheap junk buds on you because quality wireless earbuds are as crispy and lout as their wired predecessors.
They are more mobile, easy to walk/workout/ move around. Enjoy your music day with best true wireless earphones in India 2020.

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